Saturday, 5 September 2015

Badi (lake swimming pool)

When it is hot summer like today, there is nothing better from swimming in clean water. For example in the Zurich Lake. The swan on the red is the coat of arms of Horgen, one of the cities on its South bank.

Sometimes the water in the lakes is full of slime and seaweed making it uncomfortable to swim. But not here. The water is clean, the bottom is covered with stones and there are many attractions.

You can find a rowing monument.

Beautiful trees allow to relax in the shadow.

There are stairs for a safe way into the water.

So you aren't surprised there are plenty of people there. I think not many horses live here, since I haven't met any of my cousins.

The youngest and the ones afraid of water deeper then up to the knee also have a place especially for them.

The water slide looks not too steep from the shore, ...

... but before giving it a try, you must look also from its top.

You can also use a springboard to jump in to the water. The lower is two meters high, and the higher in the back is five meters high.

So off we go (off course from the lower one :))


  1. Te małe zjeżdżalnie dla dzieci w tym brodziku wyglądają ciekawie. Jeszcze się z takim rozwiązaniem nie spotkałam. W ogóle całe to miejsce wygląda na chętnie odwiedzane przez turystów :)