Saturday, 2 May 2015

Robbie Williams in concert

When I have decided to adopt a human family I thought that it would be a great experience - I will be able to educate them and share with them the world, taking them on trips to interesting places. What I did not know at that time was that to achieve this I will have to go from time to time to places that they like. As a result today I will show you an event that was very special for my human secretary - the concert of her favourite singer that took place recently at the Kraków Arena stadium.

To be honest, he does not look too handsome.

You probably recognised him - this is Robbie Williams.

He is on a tour that took its title from his first solo single, released in 1997.

 What can I say - welcome Robbie.

The stadium was slowly filling in with people.

In the middle you may spot the sound engineers.

The lights started to slowly go down.

Finally a shape appeared on the huge screen.

All lights on the stage!

And here he comes, Robbie himself. This huge screen was a nice idea.

In front of the main stage there was a lane going into the crowd.

And yes, it's time for "Rock DJ". 

All hands into one direction (and no, I do not mean One Direction).

The laser lights go crazy.

And suddenly the music changes. Robbie sits down and ask some nice young ladies to sing with him.

But to not be fooled, "The road to Mandalay" starts slowly but develops quickly.

Finally here comes what everybody was waiting for. No need for special effects. Just Robbie, a guitar and a friend.

You guessed right - these lights are not lighters. These are smartphones. We are in the twenty-first century after all.

But even in a thousand years this song will not stop to be magic. After all, it was voted by the British public the best song in the past 25 years of British music.

That's it? The lights are up again?

Alright, I admit. I did enjoy this concert. Especially my favourite song. I am sure you guessed which one I am talking about - the one where my cousin is carrying the Amazing Darryl Hannah around snowy mountains.

And yeah, I just want to feel real love ...


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