Saturday, 27 December 2014

... and all the rest of Angkor

I hope that you are not yet bored will all these temples in Angkor. Because we still have some left! We will leave Angkor Thom by the North Gate.

Neak Poan is different from all the temples that we have see so far because it is located on a lake or more precisely on an artificial island. To access it we need to walk on a little pier.

Here comes the lake and the island. The lake is supposed to have healing powers thanks to a special balance between the four elements.

And the temple itself. It is small but nice.

The second temple I wish to show you is Preah Khan. Originally, it was something between a Buddhist temple and a university.

Unfortunately today the jungle has, again, taken its revenge on the work of the humans.

As a result most ceilings and walls have collapsed.

So it is a sad dance this time.

Last but not least, let me take you to Banteay Srei, that is around 25 kilometers from Angkor Thom. It dates back to 10th century. The buildings are very small but their peculiarity is that they are made of red stone.

The red stone allows easy curving, the resuls of which can be still admired today.

I liked this elephant in particular.

From the other side, the buildings are surrounded with water.

 Bearing this in mind, they are surprisingly well preserved.

And yes my friends, this was the last story from Angkor. Time to take the last and final breath of the Cambodian air. It is funny but it reminds me of the Biebrza National Park that I have shown you some time ago.

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