Saturday, 4 October 2014

Białystok runs!

As you remember, I have come to Białystok to take part in a special event - a series of street runs, called "Białystok biega" or "Białystok runs".

The main part of the event was localised next to the Puppet Theater.

The final stretch was between the theater and the new Opera house in Białystok that houses the regional Opera and Filharmonic.

The Opera house is maybe not very impressive from the outside ...

... but the main entrance promises nice design of the interior.

When I arrived, the ground floor was full of people getting ready for the run. There were special runs for different age categories, starting from those three years old.

Let's climb up the stairs.

The concert hall was obviously closed. So I could admire the musicians only on pictures. They seem to enjoy what they do.

And a look back (and down).

There is one more surprising feature about this building. Let's go outside again and look for some stairs. They should be somewhere at the end of this corridor.

Well, the opera house has on its roof a garden and an observation deck! A bit like the Library of the Warsaw University.

In the back you can see the open air stage.

The rooftop offers also a nice panorama of the city.

And this is what the dome over the main entrance looks like in details.

Alright, time to go down again. Here is the finish line, the runners will arrive soon.

* * * 

I am proud to tell you that my human family has brought home two medals. Next time I hope they will have a race for horses too.

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