Saturday, 15 February 2014


As you all know, my family has long-lasting military traditions. Therefore I have a special interest in all landmarks of great military events. Today I will show you a Strękowa Góra, a little hill that at first sight does not seem interesting at all.

Don't be misled. This hill was the witness of one of the major battles of September 1939, known as the battle of Wizna or, more poetically, the Polish Thermopylae.

720 Polish soldiers commanded by captain Władyslaw Raginis have fought for 3 days against 42,200 German soldiers with 350 tanks, 457 mortars, cannon, grenade launchers and 600 Luftwaffe aircrafts. They finally surrender but only because they run out of munitions.

So let's go up the hill.

For all those who are surprised that the battle was held in this place I need to explain that before World War II this area was exactly at the border between Poland and the Reich. You may still see some old border marks.

And here comes the map.

Turning back, from the top of the hill you can admire the Narew river.

You will realise then why the Germans have chosen this place for their attack - the surrounding lands are covered by the Biebrza Marshes that I have shown you some time ago.

On the hill itself you can see the remainings of the old forts.

The place is pretty small. A few rocks on the left ...

... and a few rocks on the right.

In the middle of the old fort there is a commemorative monument. I was pleased to find there fresh flowers.

Let's spend a moment of silence thinking of those brave men defending their homeland.

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