Saturday, 14 December 2013

Cité des sciences et de l’industrie

Last time I was in Paris I have been showing you the landmarks of Paris. This time we will have some brain jogging too. I will then take you today to the City of science and industry. It is a large building that houses many exhibitions, most of them interactive, that will allow us to learn more about the world around us.

Inside you can immediately recognise that the building is far from the clacissistic style spread all over Paris.

Let's quickly look through the window - la Geode is a 3D cinema.

Let's start with the exhibition about moder houses and the future of the places where we live. I liked most the possibility to look into a house and see the places where it looses the heat.

You can actually check it on a infrared thermal image. The big red thing is the hand of my assistant. The green one it is of course my beautiful self.

Further on let's take a closer look at the automotive industry. Here you can see various parts of a car.

And then the future of mobility in the cities a hybrid of a car and a scooter. 100% electric of course.

I have spent over half an hour in the part devoted to sounds and music. Unfortunately I did not work out yet how to make pictures of sounds. I enjoyed a lot to hear to foreign languages (especially the tone ones) and to different musical instruments.

Another amazing section was the one devoted to economy.

I have tried what it feels like to be a trader in securities. Quite stressful experience. But in the end I was pretty successful I must admit.

After looking into the human inventions and into the rights of physics, I rose my eyes to the outerspace.

First a bit of theory ...

... then some practice. This is the Vulcain engine that powers the main stage of the European Ariane 5 launcher. It is based on the technology of cryogenic propulsion, i.e., combustion of liquid oxygen and hydrogen. Both types of gas are kept liquid under very low temperatures (-183 Centigrades for oxugen and -253 Centigrades for hydrogen) but they burn at more than 3,000 Centigrades!

All right, I see it by your faces that you are not happy with this last one. So let me take you to my most favourite place in the Cite. The Planetarium. First of all, we will watch a nice movie showing us the sky above Paris. Actually, it would be very difficult to really see it above Paris - there are too many lights there.

Then we have a look at our home planet ...

... and the sun rising above it.

Here come our neighbours - Venus ...

... and Mars. Apparently the warrior planet has many high mountains and maybe one day water was there.

And a final look at our galaxy - the Milky Way.

Great, isn't it? I am sure if you ever come to Paris you will go there as well. I can bet you one hundred trillion dollars.

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