Saturday, 20 April 2013

New York, New York ...

When I found out that Bartek will take me with him on his trip to New York I was so excited that I could hardly wait for this day to come. Luckily the flight went well and we arrived safely to the JFK airport

We have spent the first day just walking around and admiring the Big Apple. We started with the Wall Street, the home of the the world's largest stock exchange - the New York Stock Exchange.

The Bull is the sign of ever increasing and improving market. The dream of any investor. I wonder if he is a relative of my friend Mike.

Here you can see the entrance to the Stock Exchange. Actually it is a backdoor. But still looks impressive.

Later on we moved to Rockeffeller Center. It is a complex of commercial buildings, originally built by the ultra-rich Rockefeller family. It is located in the center of Midtown Manhattan.

The best known building there is the GE Building. It has an observation deck on top but I was not able to go there this time. But do not worry, you will see a bird-eye view of New York later on.

We could not miss of course Ground Zero. I mean of course the place where the twin towers of the World Trade Center used to stand. After over 10 years passed it is still a place that incites saddness and silence. Here you can see the relief that commemorates the brave firefighters who risked (and sometimes left) their lives to save those entrapped in the towers.

Actually, I found out only now that they build a new WTC in New York. It will be a single tower this time. It is still under construction.

A quick view on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Another famous spot we could not miss is the Times Square. I think it is best known for just being there. And for the huge advertisements shining bright both during the day ...

... and at night. Here you can actually have a glimpse at what is happening on the Times Square at this very moment.

This was a really tiring walk. To have some rest we finally moved to Central Park. Bartek said that this is the place where the prettiest girls in New York are. And then he said he would not like his wife to know that he said so. So guys - if you ever meet Agnieszka don't tell her that I have told you!

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