Saturday, 25 August 2012

Rick gets kidnapped

To all readers of this blog! This post does not come from your dear friend Rick. He put his nose where he should not have. So now we have kidnapped him!

What? You laugh? Just have a look at our ship.

And a bit closer here.

Now you got it. Good. So far Rick is quite well. He cannot run like always but at least he is still in one piece.

Now of course we do not plan to keep him on our ship for eternity. We are ready to let him go if you pay us a ransom. We believe that such a famous traveller is worth at least one million dollars, isn't he? We expect to see the money by end of next week, otherwise we will have no choice but pushing him a bit on his way.

So go back and look into your piggybanks. Rick will be waiting in his new hotel room.

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