Saturday, 10 December 2011


Kozienice is a small town in central Poland. It lies in the hearth of the Kozienice Landscape Park. If you go there, you must see the palace and the park. Today, the palace houses the Town Hall. You may notice the coat of arms with a yellow animal on a blue field. Looks a bit like a goat? Well no surprise, since the Polish word for goat is "koza". Of course the locals say that the name of the city comes from something else but I have serious doubts.

Here you can see the seat of the Revenue Service. The most feared place on Earth.

The forests around Kozienice were the favourite hunting spot for king Władysław Jagiełło. In front of the Town Hall you can see hunting scenes.

You can of course also see a monument of the king himself. And of his horse too. High five my friend!

When Jagiełło was on his way to the battle of Grunwald (Tannenberg), he had to cross the Vistula River. To this aim, his soldiers have built in Kozienice a pontoon bridge. You can see its replica in the park.

The battle of Grunwald was the biggest victory of Poland in the Middle Ages. It was supposed to stop the suppremacy of the Teutonic Kinights over the Northern territories of the present Poland. Unfortunately this was not the case.

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