Saturday, 23 February 2019

Bannerghatta Safari Park

Last week I have taken you on a tour in the Bannerghatta Zoological Garden. This week I will show why they just next to it you can find such interesting buses.

Let's get on one of them (obviously with a ticket!) to start a ride through a very large area. It is protected by a fence but this fence is large abough to allow animals to live in conditions close to those in the wild. The first animals we will meet are the termites.

But just a few hundred meters further we meet a nice sleeping kitty. Hello Kitty!

 His white friend is also resting, but not fully asleep.

Everywhere around you can see banyan trees.

And their shadow helps the entire royal family to fall asleep. Simba and Mufasa meets the Sleeping Beauty.

Another group of sleeping animals, the teddy (Himalaya) bears is blocking our road!

Please look at their feet, aren't they like human's ?

And here you will fully understand why the elephant is the best human's friend in India. The first animal not sleeping in the whole Safari park we meet.

Since we are in a fairy tales place, after all this Shir Khans, Lion's King, Jumbo, Winnie The Pooh, Sleeping Beauty it is the time to find Bambi.

Let them eat in silence and move to our next destination.

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