Saturday, 1 December 2018

Lunch under palm trees

I have received many messages saying that you would love to find for yourself a warm and cosy place where you could make up your own chrysalid and survive the winter. Well, your wish is my command - I will take you to palm house.

But this particular palm house is a bit special. Of course, you will find here palm trees and feel a bit as if you were in a jungle.

They even grow on two levels.

But as we look down from the upper storey, you will quickly notice something.

Yes, tables! The palm house has been turned into a restaurant. 

You can simply sit at the bar.

But since this post comes a bit later in the day than usual, I propose that we sit at one of those nice tables and take a proper lunch.

You probably wonder what type of cuisine goes well with palm trees. Just look around, at the big picture ...

 ... and the small details.

So grab your sticks and get ready for the best Japanese food.

We will start with the wonton soup. Wonton is a type of dumpling that actually comes from China.

Then I would suggest eel as a main course.

And finally cake with green matcha tea.

Do not forget the jasmine tea!

I hope that you have enjoyed this visit to the palm tree and the food and that you are ready for new adventures!

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