Saturday, 3 June 2017

Étang de la Gruère

Étang de la Gruère is a lake in the Swiss canton Jura.

 Together with the marshy area around it, it forms a natural reserve of around 1 sq. km.

Because the area around is a rural one, to protect the lake and its surroundings the commune has installed a very special device at the entry to the Reserve.

It can be easily passed by a human being in proper trekking shoes but it is very efficient in stopping the cows. And the ladies in high hills too, I guess (though officially it is only for the cows of course).

The only animals allowed are, no surprisingly, the horses.

Étang de la Gruère was formed in the 17th century, when a dam was built for a mill. Let's follow this path.

Étang de la Gruère is a great place for summer walks. The path is bordered with trees and bushes which protect visitors from sunshine.

Finally, we can spot the lake, partly hidden behind this lovely lawn. Do not get fooled by these innocent white flowers. What lies in front of your feet is a genuine swamp, do not try to step on it.

To make our walk safe enough, wooden platforms were built in the marsh.

From there we can see precisely the water flowing between the weeds.

Look, there is a bird over there! The water shines like precious gems.

There is a little bridge over the lake.

Is it a duck coming close to us? Looks like one.

Why don't we go up to the bridge and take a look at the lake. What a magnificent combination on blue sky and blue water.

On a sunny summer day like this the colours seem to be more vibrant than ever. The blue, the green, the white, the pink. What an amazing place to be.

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