Saturday, 25 February 2017


In many countries when one wants to really see what this country looks like, it is required to travel away from the capital city. Russia is par excellence an example of such a country. So today I will take you to a city located around 200 kilometers from Moscow so that you can discover a more realistic view of Russia. My friends, welcome to Ryazan.

Ryazan has around half a million inhabitants. It has of course some public buildings, like this representative office of the Russian Federation.

It has also numerous churches, most of which are orthodox, which you can immediately spot by the sets of golden domes. 

They have monuments devoted to famous poets, like Sergey Yesenin.

But they have also monuments devoted to public officers, like the one standing in from of the fire station.

Actually, large monuments are one of the items that are difficult to miss in Ryazan. Especially those devoted to soldiers.

The eternal flame commemorates those who perished in World War II.

But here comes another one.

Devoted again to Russian troops.

With special commemorative plates for all major battles fought, again, during World War II. My Polish family would not like this one. You may only guess in which country Brest was located before 1939.

Obviously, the history of Russia did not start in 1939 or 1941. Any of you can read the cyrillic alphabet? The signs lead a square and a street dedicated to the same man.

And yes, we have seen the Mausoleum of this gentleman three weeks ago. It is Vladimir Lenin.

The buildings that you can find in the city can be old-fashioned but in good shape.

They can also be more modern and quite shabby. Pretty saddening in case of a post office.

But the item that will for ever define my memories from Ryazan was the public transport. If I would have to guess how old is this trolleybus, I would guess its first driver was Fred Flintstone.

Not all the cars seem to have proper breaks.

So be careful, because the emplacement of the pedestrian crossings is only shyly suggested.

Better not risk to walk around on our own. Let's jump into the trolleybus and I will take you to the biggest attraction in town.

See you next week where the red dot is.

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