Saturday, 28 January 2017

Mound of Warsaw Uprising

A mound or a tumulus is an artificial hill made by people either as a tomb or to commemorate a famous person. Today, I will take you to one dedicated to a very special event.

 Do you recognise this special sign on top of it?

Yes, it is the sign of the Warsaw Uprising.

At the bottom of the mound you will find a small plate explaining its history. It was finally arranged in 2004, on the 60th anniversary of the Uprising.

Behind it you can see a little area surrounded with wooden sticks. It is a flower meadow.

Obviously in winter time all plants are covered with snow.

Those wooden logs are hotels. No, I am not kidding, they are really hotels, just not for humans but for wild bees.

Let's move on to the top of the mound.

There are a number of steps to be taken.

The road is bordered with wooden crosses.

They commemorate those who perished in the Warsaw Uprising.

Finally, we reach the top. The view is quite disappointing.

On the other hand, the sign on the top is truely impressive.

The inhabitants of Warsaw do not forget about their heroes, this lights are always lit up.

It is getting really cold, time to go down. I hope that you have enjoyed this little winter walk. Watch your steps!

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