Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Old Town of Milan

I am happy to show you today the beautiful city of Milan. When I have arrived at the main train station I was not impressed - I have heard so much about it but the platforms looked like any other train platforms in the world.

It is only when I entered the main hall that I understood what this all fuzz was about.

The main train station in Milan was built in the 1930s under the supervision of the fascist dictatorship of Mussolini. It is huge and definitely meant to impress. The walls are decorated with sculptures, paintings and mosaics. This is the entry to the ticket office.

The station was rebuilt a couple of times over the last eighty years so it is quite modern, with elevators and escalators. Still, it keeps its majestic style.

The life of Milan centers nowadays around the Piazza del Duomo or the Cathedral Square. It is surrounded by some nice buildings, housing the most exquisite fashion brands.

In the back, you can spot the Victor Emmanuel II Gallery. It is an amazing place - the little streets are covered by a glass roof that transforms them into a gallery.

Let's enter inside. If you have a wallet packed with credit cards, you can enter one of the shops.

For example this Prada boutique ...

... or the Louis Vitton's one.

I am afraid that the only option for me would be the McDonald's just outside this lane.

By the way - have you noticed the roof? Yes, it is hard  not to notice it.

But did you also look under your feet? Here comes the white cross on a red shield. No, it is not for Denmark or Switzerland. It is the coat of arms of Milan.

Now I wonder how many of you noticed the name of the Piazza we just crossed. And yes, the cathedral of Milan, dedicated to St Mary of the Nativity, is also here. This is one of the biggest that I have ever seen. No wonder, it took almost six centuries to be completed. It is the fifth largest church in the world and the largest in Italy.

The cathedral is basically in the gothic style. It is beautifully ornamented with hundreds of statues and reliefs. Unfortunately it is strictly forbidden to take pictures inside the cathedral.

If we take just a few steps on the left of the Duomo, we will find a building that looks very modest. But do not judge the book by the cover. It is the world famous theater and opera of La Scala.

Inside, it is much more impressive.

There are in total two thousand seats, most of them in individual balconies, each of which has six places.

Below the main stage comes the place for the orchestra.

The building houses also a small museum, where you can see sculptures and paintings of famous singers and composers, ancient playing instruments and some magnificent costumes used in the spectacles produced by the La Scala. This one is from Aida opera. You can see why Milan is considered a capital of fashion.

I hope that you have enjoyed this walk through the Old Town of Milan. Let's now catch the underground because there is one more place in Milan that I want to show you.


  1. w Mediolanie nie byłam i jakoś nigdy mnie do niego nie ciągnęło, o wiele ciekawsze wydaje mi się pobliskie Bergamo, ale trzeba przyznać, że miasto jest przepiękne w tym swoim ogromie i przepychu. a dach galerii jest niemal identyczny jak dach analogicznej galerii w Neapolu. wydaje mi się, że nie tylko imię mają wspólne, ale i styl architektoniczny również :)

  2. Byłam w Mediolanie i generalnie nawet podobało mi się to miasto, ale zakochać się nie zakochałam w nim ;) Katedra przepiękna, galeria również, jednak zabrakło mi w tym mieście pewnego ciepła i uroku.

  3. Gorgeous and captivating series! Thank you so much for sharing. Thanks, as well, for your kind comment on my blog. Please know that you are welcome anytime.

  4. Cudne miejsce!! We Włoszech byłam jak dotąd tylko w Wenecji, ale chciałabym jeszcze zwiedzić Mediolan, Florencję i Rzym :)