Saturday, 12 December 2015

Fair in Thalwil

One of the amazing things about Switzerland is that it is largely made of small towns and villages where the spirit of local community is very strong. Today I will take you to Thalwil, a nice little township next to the Zurich Lake, to show you a typical local fair. The main street is packed with stands.

Like in most towns around the Zurich Lake, the main street is steep.

The stands are mainly used to sell food. What was amazing is that a large part of them was run by local sportive teams. Swiss people are really keen on sport. You can eat (and support) the handball team ...

... the tennis club ...

... or the swimming club.

If you do not like to swim yourself, you can try rowing.

Or maybe you are a motorbiker?

The shooting club is also here, though this one is based in a village nearby, called Langnau am Albis.

But you can find on the fair also food that is not affiliated to a particular team or activity. This stand offers the local speciality, called here marroni.

Yes, you guessed it right, these are chestnuts, or more precisely sweet chestnuts. Very tasty.

Those who like sweet things will surely not miss this stand.

And those accompanied by children will not be allowed to ignore that one.

Finally, we arrive to the main square towards the end of the street. Today it is occupied by a funfair. You can try a rollercoaster in Swiss colours.

You can try some bouncing cars.

Last but not least, you can turn around in this carousel. A bit down ...

... and a bit up.

 I know, it is hard to feel the movement just by watching photos. This is why I tried to bring this unique sensation closer to you.

Alive? Or a little seasick? Just sit down, relax, and enjoy the magnificent view from uptown Thalwil.


  1. pieczone kasztany! uwielbiam je i strasznie żałuję, że u nas są tak mało popularne. chociaż i tak coraz częściej pojawiają się przy okazji różnych świątecznych jarmarków więc mogłoby być gorzej.
    ogólnie też żałuję, że u nas nie ma takiej tradycji jarmarków i targów, z chęcią wybierałabym się na takie wydarzenia, bo lubię panującą wówczas atmosferę.

  2. Ten jarmark prezentuje się całkiem nieźle! Sporo atrakcji jak na takie małe miasteczko :) pieczone kasztany... we Włoszech było ich mnóstwo, ale stwierdziłam, że spróbuję ich we Francji. Tam nie znalazłam żadnego stoiska, więc ten smak wciąż nie jest mi znany;)