Saturday, 18 April 2015

Museum of Technology in Warsaw - part 1: Automotive

Recently my human family decided to show me something called technology. They explained me that technology is what allowed horses to take permanent holidays. So I love it. But what is this technology? To understand it they took me to the Museum of Technology in Warsaw.

As they told me, the technology started to replace horses when the engine became widely used. And the engines at the end of nineteenth century looked like this.

It can work without breaks, but does not look as cute as me. Contemporary engines look quite interesting, although the fire seems frightening.

Obviously one cannot ride an engine. So people invented cars. The first, from the end of the nineteenth century, looked similar to a carriage.

With time cars become covered, with a lot of glass. And people started to produce them in big quantity, thanks to the optimisation of assembly lines. The most influential car of the twentieth century is the famous Ford Model T.

The first cars produced in Poland was built on Italian license. So it was called Polish Fiat.

Ford T was the first car, that a typical American family could afford. So in the second half of the twentieth century also in Poland they invented a car for typical family: Maluch. It was pretty small inside which you can see on this one that was cross-cut.

But in Poland they also produced bigger cars and the last of the line of their development is Polonez. Jeremy Clarkson form Top Gear judged it to be amoung the worst cars of the world. Well, what  Clarkson probably does not know is that also a racing version was constructed.

But if you prefer to feel the freedom of riding, the technology offers you another option - motorcycles.

With such a sidecar you can even take your family with you. It is probably the invention closest to horses but it still make more noise then, we do.


  1. Ciekawe eksponaty warte odwiedzenia!

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