Saturday, 21 March 2015

Secret life of Wrocław dwarves

During the time that I have spent in Wrocław so far, I had a feeling that someone was watching me. Finally I found out who it was - the dwarves! O no, my friends, I did not lose my mind. Dwarves really exist and they have chosen Wrocław as their capital city. Whenever you go, you can find some. They have different occupations and different habits but they keep up taking care of Wrocław, its inhabitants and guests. Therefore, I have decided to dedicate to them a separate post on my blog. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome warmly the Wrocław dwarves!

First of all, the dwarves are hear in case you get hungry or thirsty. They can even take care of desserts and refreshments.


Some of them perform important professions, working for utilities or serving and protecting humans.

Gas-specialist (lighting up gas lighting)
Veteran Soldier

Many dwarves are engaged in the financial sector. They have their own banks but also work in human banking system. Have you ever wondered so far how does an ATM work? Just have a look and be grateful.

Stock-exchange clerk
ATM for dwarves
Secret mechanism of human ATMs

Since Wrocław is a big city, dwarves use many different means of transport. Many have copied from humans the motorcycles. Others are using traditional pigeon transport. Those who need it, travel on wheelchairs.

Handicapped dwarves also have their place in Wrocław

The dwarves support the inhabitants of Wrocław in many ways. They are bringing laughter to children hospitals, they motivate students, they support political movements or they simply bring sunflowers to those in need of a smile.

Clown (next to Children's Oncology Hospital)
Student (next to Wrocław Technical University)
Party Member
Friendly Dwarf

But they do not limit their activity to inhabitants of Wrocław. If you come to Wrocław as a tourist and need some support, you can always ask the dwarves for help. They can show you the way or lend an umbrella. They even have gifts for those who really fall in love with Wrocław.


Obviously the dwarves are not busy all the time, they like to enjoy themselves. They party (hard), they play (and listen to) the music and finally they sleep until some impolite tourists wake them up to take some pictures.

Busker and Music Lover

Honestly, to find all the dwarves that live in Wrocław is a sisyphean work.


But I have a hint for you. If you are really determined and patient, you can simply sit by the entry to their kingdom. Sooner or later they will for sure try to sneak in or out.

Entry to the dwarves' kingdom and its guard


  1. Ale tam dużo jest tych krasnoludków! A Ty biedny nawet przy nich jesteś taki malutki :p

    1. Jest ich już prawie trzy setki.

    2. Nawet nie wiedziałam, że krasnoludki mają nawet swoją stronę.

  2. Ja mam zdjęcia tylko z kilkoma krasnalami, a Tobie udało się zrobić z większą ilością :) Super!