Saturday, 28 February 2015

Winter sports

I am sure that some of you wondered why I have chosen Karpacz as our last destination. The answer is simple - I wanted to try this year some of the winter sports and Karpacz seemed to be the perfect place.

Today seems also to be the perfect day to start some skiing classes. I woke up early morning so that the ski slope is relatively empty.

It took me a moment to get ready so I was not the first to show up on the slope but the conditions seem good.

Even though it has snowed over the last days, the snowmaking machines are working hard to make the piste comfortable.

The snowcat has removed all moguls to make it safe as well.

The ski poles are already waiting for me.

I just need to put on the skis and I will be able to sit on this comfortable couch and move up the hill.

Well, there is a tiny problem.

None of the ski rental offices in Karpacz has skis that fit to horseshoes!

It seems that skiing will not be my favourite winter sport. Maybe I should try sledge instead? I could feel just like Santa Claus.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to control the sledge without fingers. What else could I try? Somebody on the slope has told me that it is possible in Karpacz to practice winter swimming. Maybe this would be an option for me? Let's have a look.

Let's face it, this water is just soooo cold. How can one even think of putting on a swimming suit with snow lying on the edge of the swimming pool?

Alright, I think that I have found the perfect option for me. Making snowmen is great fun and it allows you to greet a new friend everyday (until it melts of course).

When you will be choosing your favourite winter sport remember that the weather in mountains can change quickly. Sunshine on one side and dark clouds on the other can switch within minutes.

 I'd better go back to the hotel and pack my luggage. Time to move to new adventures.